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Earthrise, This photo was taken by the Apollo 8 crew in December 1968. It shows Earth for the first time as it appears from deep space. It was the start of a new age. It is used with the permission of NASA.

Earthrise NASA Earth From Moon
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CommunityBeGood Guest House / Bed and Breakfast

Park Slope Brooklyn Guest House Bed and Breakfast

GuestHouse in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY. The guesthouse is in a brownstone building on a tree lined street inhistoric Park Slope. Kitchen privileges and common areas including a backyard garden. Convenient to Manhattan. For visitors, tourists, short stays. Click for Video, Details, and Reviews.

Call or text Lisel for availability and to book a room in the Brooklyn Guesthouse tel. 917-744-4389


30 percent of each rental goes to help, Leogane, Haiti.



Wedding Officiant

wedding officiantLisel Burns has 18 years experience as a wedding officiant for interfaith weddings, secular weddings, Humanist weddings and for couples who want to create a custom ceremony. Lisel's collection of wedding readings is a resource for you to create your own vows and ceremony. more...

Local to Global Partnerships

hands around world

Haiti still needs help. The Brooklyn - Leogane rebuilding collaboration is on going. See a video and read an article that tells some of the story. more.....

Lisel Burns

Lisel Burns CommunityBeGood

CommunityBeGood is the unifying name for a consciously connected community of aware, active, and spiritful people.

It is led by Lisel Burns and is headquartered in the CommunityBeGood guest house bed and breakfast in Park Slope, Brooklyn New York.

Lisel is clergy Leader Emeritus of the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture.  She is a secular wedding officiant and presider at ceremonies and memorials.

Lisel leads the CommunityBeGood Local to Global Partnerships which connect the Leadership and Legacy Projects of the  National Congress of Neighborhood Women USA  to the global efforts  of Groots International  and other  Huairou Commission  grassroot campaigns. 

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CommunityBeGood on Facebook

Lisel Burns is a Registrar for TOP Training and Facilitation in the New York area. To learn more about upcoming training please click here.

ICA Institute of Cultural Affairs
The institute of Cultural Affairs' mission: "Releasing the capacity for positive social change and sustainable futures." Learn more.


Get the Technology of Participation (TOP) Brochure PDF

Memorial and Ceremony Presider

Memorials Candle

Lisel presides at memorials and other ceremonies. Readings and more...